Bonjour! I’m really excited about this post for you all tonight. We are going to talk about how amazing tonight’s viewing of Miss Universe 2017. I’m going to get personal here for a second. I absolutely love pageants. I once participated in one myself; managed to get runner-up. What was my question….? oh yes, ‘What is your favorite animal and why?’ Here was my million dollar answer, “Giraffes, because they are tall.” Perhaps that was the reason why I didn’t win!¬†Anyway. Pageants have always been something very entertaining to me. My sister was also a participant in a pageant. I also had a college friend who is now Miss Wisconsin! I was so excited to cheer her on for Miss USA.

For this post I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate our beautiful winner Miss France, Iris Mittenaere, as our new Miss Universe 2017! I may or may not have been pretty stoked each and every step as my husband and I were watching her move forward to the next round. (France, France, France) Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my country and Miss USA is gorgeous. I was really proud of her to get to top 9 she deserved it! Rooting for both countries, I was extremely happy that one of my favorites is now Miss Universe 2017!

Now, let’s talk details. This beautiful 24 year old Parisian gal will be going into dentistry! Definitely something I would never be able to do! Her platform will be on making sure kids get the dentistry they need. Soon all kids will have clean, crisp teeth like hers! [score] Throughout the entire night Iris managed to be very polished. Her hair completely on point. Her posture and speed was so professional. Then, when she had her question to answer, she managed to say that basically (to my interruption) that everyone is allowed into France. A way to tell viewers that her country she is representing is all inclusive! I was very happy about her answer. She also answered her second question with class too! It did not seem like the other contestants truly answered what the question was but France did so total kudos to you!

Can we talk about her wardrobe now? Ok. Good. Growing up I’ve always been a fan of silver but lately gold has been my go to color. Miss France ended up choosing a silver/gold long-sleeve sleek, glitzy, glammy gown perfect for her figure. It had just the right amount of sexiness that made it have a modern, updated feel to it; she just glided across the floor. She also chose the pink/purple design for the swim suit competition which I believe was an excellent choice because it was fun and brought joy to her walk on the stage. The costume she wore to represent France was inspired by Moulin Rouge. She looked absolutely stunning. I mean come on, not everyone can pull off red feather boas.

I am so incredibly excited for Miss France, now, Miss Universe and I know her year will be oh so fantastic! I wish you the best!!

Here are a couple beauties…

 Au Revoir!