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Finally, I’m starting to get a hang of this baking thing. But it could just be the fact that now I’m determined to master these dainty cookies. Let’s be honest, that’s what it is. It’s time for some husband-wife bonding time. Zach and I decided that we were not a fan of the almond flour that was being used for the first two times of making Macarons so, it was time to go and find something different. The almond flour we have been using is extremely course and we thought that perhaps getting a finer
one could help with the look of our Macarons.img_6549

We went to both locations of our local grocery store, Copps (now Pick n Save) and unfortunately they did not have any options at all. We think they were just out of stock. So we went to Metcalfe’s. We did manage to find it there but there was only one brand/version as an option which was pretty pricey (probably because of the store we were at); approximately $11 for a 16 oz bag. Expensive or not, I had to try it. It is called, Bob’s Red Mill – Super-Fine Almond Flour. The first round of Macaron Making the Macarons were very grainy and coarse at the touch. Using this version will hopefully create a smooth texture.

Before I tell you this next part, please remember… I don’t bake. I don’t cook.(this is a safe place to share my mistakes right?) So this round was the first time my husband and I got to make the Macarons together by ourselves. My husband is the chef of our household. (that’s obvious right..) So, he got the job of putting together all of the measurements of each ingredient. To help him, I decided to start pulling out the tools. I pulled out a liquid measuring tool and Zach was like, ‘what is that for?’ I said, ‘for the almond flour and the powder sugar.’ With his lovely glare of ‘my wife doesn’t cook’ on his face he said,’Babe, that’s for liquid we are working with solids.’ My love busted out his fancy, dancy food scale and went to town. To be honest, I’m not ashamed because I’m learning and that’s what matters right?

Now that my 1st grade lesson is out of the way let’s get down to it. Immediately we could tell that there was a significant difference with this batch because it was fluffier, lighter and seemed to have more air in the batter. It definitely gave us a lot of hope that we were actually going to get this right! We also decided to get creative and add food coloring!

The Process:

Everything at this point was coming together and we knew that this could be our big moment. When we were putting the batter onto our pan there was something satisfying because they just looked so well made! (could it be because I wasn’t measuring the ingredients – probably) We were on cloud 9 at this point. So we let the beauties crisp for about 20 minutes or so and then put them into the oven to bake. Same thing as I’ve said in my past posts; Each oven is different so you really have to get to know your oven to see what temperature to put it at. For instance, we have found that we have to put ours at a higher temperature and cook them longer. Here’s a funny note… we did not learn from our last venture that putting the Macarons on a cookie sheet without parchment paper does not work because we managed to convince ourselves to do it again.

The Crisping Moment:

The Results:

What are the findings?

If nothing else, measure your ingredients with the correct tools or bake with someone who knows what they are doing in the kitchen. Either way, you’d be golden. We thought we were headed towards a win with this one but, we surprisingly did not. Unfortunately, we are unsure about where we potentially went wrong. The tops on the first pan were smooth and pretty decent looking but when we tried to take them off the pan the top would just crack off and the inside just looked raw. Did we need to keep them in the oven longer because our oven doesn’t cook very hot? The non-parchment paper tray of Macarons all cracked. Did those bake too hot? However we do have a success: WE GOT FEET. Wow were we excited. We are not quite sure how because the rest of the non-salvaged ones didn’t have feet. Why were there so many inconsistencies? We found that, putting the food coloring in with the egg whites and sugar was the right way to go because then you are not over whipping your almond flour and powder sugar. Also, the different almond powder we used was a success (or so we think) because the Macarons look and feel much smoother.

Here are some photos of the ones we did manage to put together successfully. Seeing these and seeing the previous photos makes you think that we did two different batches doesn’t it? Anyway, Thank you for reading! Keep reading for another post about how we fail at making these one day delicious treats!

Au Revoir Beauties!