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Yes. You guessed it [hopefully], this gal is not done with the Macaron Challenge. I feel as though there is something exciting about whether or not it is going to be a successful Macaron or a complete fail. (sometimes, the failed ones make me want to keep going)

After round 3 however, I gained some confidence towards my baking skills that I decided that I would teach my mother and grandmother how to make them. Yikes, venturing into a lesson session…that’s scary – am I ready for that? Of course I am because I’m a Macaron Master now because I managed to succeed at making Macarons ONCEI think my confidence level went from 1 to 10 in a matter of seconds don’t you think? Keep reading and you’ll find out whether or not my Christmas Macaron was a fluke or a possible streak beginning!

Zach and I decided to travel to my parents/grandparents for my dad and grandma’s birthday. I, of course, showed my mother the Christmas Macarons and she was baffled at how we managed to succeed. {Really, I just told her that you have to measure the ingredients correctly and you’ll succeed.} But my confidence was so high that I said, ‘Mom, don’t worry we will show you exactly how its done.’ Oh gosh… Here we go.

Again, each time we make Macarons I try to find a new flavor because lately I’ve been making them a lot and it’s so much fun to experiment. This round it was going to be Sea Salt Caramel Macarons. Oh gosh, don’t they sound so mouth watering? A little salt on top of a soft chewy caramel cookie; Yes please. I’m ready to show my mother just how much we’ve improved!

This time around I will give you the site to the recipe because we used a unique one that you might find that you’d want to try. Shoot, I’m getting closer and closer to a how to post. Anyway, I Pinterest [a lot] and found a Sea Salt Caramel Macaron Recipe perfect for trying (short and sweet). We only used the Sea Salt Caramel Filling from this recipe because we did not want to mess up what success we had with our recipe we have been using which has always been from our Macaron Kit that I talked about in the post ‘The. Macaron.’ This recipe comes from http://www.thelittleepicurean.com.

Alright so lets get down to it. Did as normal – I prepare (and sift) the ingredients and Zach measures them out. Moving right along we let the cookies ‘crisp’. We popped them in the oven [that we have never used before] and waited patiently.

The Crisping Moment:


Crisping Stage Round 4

Let us first ask ourselves, ‘Why in the world would you make red/pink Sea Salt Caramel Macarons? Sometimes I wonder about myself… goodness. Anyway, they actually do not look too shabby at this stage so – good work.

You know I’m really beginning to hate making these cookies at a different location (so unpredictable especially when you’re trying to prove that you’ve improved) The oven we were using we were unfamiliar with so when the time was up, we pulled them out of the oven and some cracked and were raw inside AGAIN. What in the world. Seriously? Alright, we decide to put them back in the oven – it was probably because the oven wasn’t hot enough… So we let them cook for a total of about 20 minutes adding about 6 minutes to the original time. Pulled them out and left for our dinner we had planned.  So frustrating. By the way, we were making our filling while we were waiting for the cooking process to be finished.

After dinner we came back to see if the resting process helped. It did. Phew. Let’s put these beauties together and give it a taste.

The Results:

What are the findings?

Don’t be over confident – it doesn’t work. Trying ovens you are not used to does indeed affect your process. The taste of these Macarons were a little special; not everyone was a fan. The amount of salt in them was a tad much. The filling was extremely runny for some reason. We tried to put them in the fridge to chill them out since we felt that the heat in the air was making the caramel melt. It still didn’t work – the tops of the Macarons kept falling to the side because the filling was not thick/hard enough. So that was odd; if you have insight about that please let me know.

Here’s a note, for visual purposes: don’t put the wrong food coloring in when you are trying to make them look and sound delicious. Red and Sea Salt just don’t go together in my opinion so bad idea on my end.

All in all though for trying a new flavor I’d say it was a success. The cookie itself turned out tasty. It was the filling and food coloring that wasn’t too successful. As always, Thank you for reading!

Au Revoir Beauties!