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Lucky you, another post on Macarons (and my favorite one yet!). Thank you all for sticking with me on this journey. It sure has been quite the ride. Making these delicious cookies has become so much apart of me lately. [really the only reason why I enter the kitchen -besides to see what my husband is cooking] I think y’all are going to be really happy to read this post today. It’s Friday; It’s basically 60 degrees out (in Wisconsin) which is a miracle and most of all I’m baking with my best friend today! #bakingwithbestie

Short little back story here… I met Daria when we both decided to take the chance and pledge for a Honors Fraternity. Yes, I said Fraternity. It was a co-ed Fraternity that you were required to have at least a 3.0 to get in and so on. We met during one of the informational meetings. She was so friendly and I was probably the shyest person in the entire room. We got paired to be in a group activity with some of the other pledges and ever since that day we were basically inseparable.

Daria doesn’t have a mean bone in her whole body. See, she is from the south and ever since I lived in Georgia for a year, everyone from the south are just so kind. I’m not sure if its because they never get snow or what but you can definitely tell a difference with those southerns. She definitely inspires me to be a better person. That’s why I cannot imagine my life without her. That day meeting her changed my life forever.

One more thing about this sweet girl. The summer I went to Europe with my mother, Daria also was headed to Europe. She was going to Austria and of course I went to France and Italy. As we were talking about when and where we would be throughout our trips we noticed that our, not planned by us, trips were going to be in Florence at the same exact time. Seriously, someone tell me what the odds of that is. We needed up being able to meet up (only for seriously like 10 seconds) in this breathtaking area overlooking the Italian Riviera. I couldn’t believe the chances of that.

Okay, enough about how great she is. Let us move on to why we are all here. Macarons. Round 5 I decided that Daria and I are going to make a fun, unique flavor of Macarons; Tiramisu Macarons. Sounds like perfection. So, grab your coffee and blanket because here we go.

As I’ve done my research (and as I’ve said in past posts) some recipes ask for cream of tarter and aged egg whites. We were too anxious to start so we did not decide to age our egg whites this round however, we did purchase some cream of tarter prior to the start of the baking process. I really wanted to see what kind of difference it adds to the Macarons. We used the same Macaron Kit Recipe for the shells but we added cream of tarter. Since we failed on our usage of the food coloring on Round 4 we decided to not use any this round.

The Ingredients for the Shell:

This time, I did not have Zach to measure things out so, I just made Daria do that part (can’t change the process right?) We were at my apartment so, we had my oven to work with which was nice because we finally know the perfect temperature and bake time for the Macarons. Since cream of tarter was one of our new ventures this round – we really got to see  how it affected the process. We mixed it with the egg whites and sugar. Prior to Round 5, the mixture was very wet looking and thin; this round it appeared to be much more whip-like or thick. I began to think – Woah this is different, I like it.

To shorten the amount of text in this post (since it is already crazy long) I will show you the Process, the Crisping Moment, and the Results in pictures. Though, the process has not changed from Round 4 to Round 5. We are just perfecting our stirring speed, piping and baking times (which we know now).

The Process:

The Piping and Crisping Moment:

*Side note: We had to take Daria and her boyfriend home so, we had to leave the Macarons to ‘crisp’ for about an hour or so. Not sure how this effects the process. I got worry so I put some wrap over the top of the crisping cookies.

The Results:


sprinkled some chocolate on top


Felt like trying a new platform

For the filling there was an option to add some coffee liqueur (approximately a tsp) which we decided to do for fun!

What are the findings?

They were perfection. Besides having authentic Macarons – in my opinion these were the next best thing. They were moist and crispy. The one failure would be on my part when I decided to put wrap over the top of the Macarons when we left to take Daria home. The wrap ended up falling onto the crisping cookies and stuck to them. When I pulled it off… basically the first layer of the batter came with it. We let it sit to crisp the fresh layer for another 10 minutes while the oven was preheating. That is why the tops of some of them are not as smooth as they should be. Will never do that again.

I do think that cream of tarter does make a difference to the overall baking process. I feel it makes the batter fluffier and thicker to create a better shell. The tiramisu filling recipe I found was to.die.for. and yes, I will provide that link here because you need to try it. Needless to say, this was thee best round of making these Macarons. [probably because I was #bakingwithbestie]

The only other find that I did come upon was that when I put the cookies into a sealed container and into the fridge… the next day I went to snag one of them, the shells were no longer crispy. Bad? Absolutely not. They were still divine as ever but I was curious as to where the crispy part went. We believe that when I immediately put them into the sealed container all the lush moisture from the filling seeped into the cookie shells and in turn made them soft. Interesting to say the least. Insight on that? Please let me know!

Anywho, Thank you all so much for patiently reading this extra long special edition post and to Daria for taking the time to make Macarons with me! For your dedication, here is the link to the recipe/blog post I used for this decadent treat.


Au Revoir Beauties!