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Good Morning my readers.

This post today is a very bitter-sweet post. I get to tell you the history of The French Manicure. Let us step back just a moment here though. Most of you reading this probably don’t really know me too well yet so I have to explain something to you before we get to the good stuff.

For me, there are three things I just cannot give up when it comes to beauty; 1. Getting my hair done. 2. Fantastic Mascara. and 3. Getting my nails done. If I spend any money on anything beauty related, its going to be on one of those three items. Today in this post, I’ll be talking about getting my nails done. This journey started in high school [several years back]. I first started by doing them at home. My sister loved doing her nails as well so we did them together. But, I found that my nails kept chipping and getting ruined after I spent so much time painting them. There had to be something I could do so they wouldn’t get ruined so easily. I was a sports gal so, my nails got chipped within a day of painting them.

I remember for one of my birthdays my mom got me this fake nail set that you’d glue on yourself. I put them on immediately and I had to have help for the rest of my presents because they were so hard to use [and fragile]. Unfortunately, because they were fragile… they kept popping off and I’d have to glue them back on. Then, for my first fancy formal dances, my mom took me to get my nails done at a salon. Oh so chic that was! I felt like a queen so I decided to get a fake nail manicure done; french style. My sister and I would always do the cheap box version at home; you know, the one with the strips. I really which I had a picture of them. They were all the rage! Ever since then, my nails have been everything to me. I am obsessed with getting my acrylic nails put on and now, I know how to work with them so my productivity at work doesn’t suffer. I’ve had good salons and bad (unfortunately). But I’ve advanced to trying new shades and new trends that are out there. If I ever don’t have my nails done, it is probably because I ran out of money. They tend to cost me about $40 to $60 for a set. [depending on the salon] but I make them last about 3 weeks.

Here are 3 gems from years past. Check out the one that I thought was cool by putting 1989 (inspired by Taylor Swift of course) Yikes… must have been a weird time of my life… Needless to say, I am willing to try anything with my nails!


Now that you have that {seriously, too long} back story, you will understand why my next story is so heartbreaking to me. Today, I currently have a very strange color on my nails and they are well past due for a reset. So, I was planning on getting them redone until I was researching what the Parisians and French gals do with their nails (for inspiration) when I came across this headline: The not so French, French Manicure. I was like, say what now? All morning I have been researching different articles about French woman and how they treat their nails. Then I read this:

“Fake nails are considered vulgar in France.” Stated by The Daily Connoisseur in her blog post, The Top 20 Things I Learned While Living in Paris.

oh my gosh. Who knew I would just get stabbed in the back like that? I, of course, had to keep reading because now I wonder… how do the french do their nails? Easy answer. Simple, nude or clear, trimmed and clean. Typical right? The French don’t like the fuss. I don’t blame them. But wait, why is the French Manicure called, the French Manicure if the French don’t even do it? Well, let me tell ya!

According to several articles and websites, one being Orly Beauty, a gentleman named Jeff Pink (founder of Orly) was asked to come up with a polish that could go with several different outfits. He was asked to do this because on the Hollywood movie sets in California after each scene they would change their nails to match each outfit. Dedication to say the least. Now, different articles say different things about why he named it after the French but the overarching theme was that when this trend caught on in Paris at the most famous fashion runway shows, Pink decided that he wanted to name the trend, The French Manicure. How interesting right?

The French are such a huge inspiration to me so this story hit my heart hard. That being said though, will I forever give up my joy of getting acrylics put on? Probably not. But for now, I may give the natural, fuss-less look a try and see how I like it!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether you are a acrylics getter or a just keep it simple kind of gal. Comment below! Until then, as always thank you for reading!

Au Revoir Beauties!